NCA Newfoundland Rescue Service - Operating Procedures


A. Chair and Co-Chair - responsible to the NCA Charitable Trust Management Board

1.Plan, organize and develop programs which will meet the principles and objectives of the NCA under the policies set by the NCA Charitable Trust Management Board.

2.Assign Rescue work to NCA members and others.

3.Ensure the humane treatment of Newfoundlands who become wards of NCA Rescue Service.

4.Direct fundraising efforts.

5.Direct the administration of funding and disbursements including the establishment of per diem and mileage rates and placement fees in accordance with the CTMB guidelines.

6.Edit and publish data pertinent to rescue work.

a. Coordinate columns for publication in Newf Tide.

b. Prepare communications to rescue workers which contains information from various sources helpful in rescue efforts.

7.Supervise assistance, according to procedures, to Newfoundlands in areas where a Regional club does or does not exist. When a Regional club applies for help from the NCA Rescue Service, the request will be confirmed with the President of the applying Regional Club. In the case of conflict, the final decision rests with the NCA Rescue Service .

8.Prepare financial and informational reports as requested by NCA, NCA Charitable Trust and its CTMB.

9.Actively promote general education on issues related to the benefit of Newfoundlands and Newfoundland Rescue activities; from sources such as other breed clubs, animal welfare organizations, government agencies, etc.