NCA Newfoundland Rescue Service - Operating Procedures

Regional Club Rescue Service chairman or representative:

1.receives information forwarded by NCA Rescue Service.

2.assists Newfoundlands needing placement in the region served by the regional club

3.contributes to the work of the NCA Rescue Service by sharing experiences, ideas, suggestions, etc,

4.informs their Regional club about NCA Rescue work

On those rare occasions that a Newfoundland is offered for sale by a retailer, wholesaler or private owner, the following steps should be followed when the NCA Rescue Service or a Regional Club is considering purchasing the Newfoundland;

Review case histories published in Newf Tide and the NCA website.

1. Gather information. Contact the seller and obtain information about the Newfoundland, i.e. age, health history, spayed or neutered, pedigree information, selling price.
2. Offer assistance to the seller by providing Club information to the buyers.
3. Refer potential buyers who have been screened by the Club.
4. Contact NCA Rescue Service for advice and information.