NCA Newfoundland Rescue Service - Operating Procedures

NCA Rescue workers:

1.NCA member who provides advisory, research, administrative services for the committee's work.

a.acts as an advisor to Regional clubs who are in the process of establishing a rescue or referral service or needs guidance with placing or rescuing Newfoundlands. (These members usually have extensive experience in humane work) or,

b.collects data from many sources which would be helpful in operating a rescue service for members' or Regional Clubs' use, or

c.maintains data files which contain placement forms, transfer agreements, interview forms, prescreening forms, published articles concerning rescue work, etc. for the use of committee members, Regional clubs, others.

2.NCA member who operates the NCA Rescue Service in areas where no Regional club provides this service, reports to NCA Rescue Chair or Co-Chair:

a.maintains a waiting list of screened adoptive homes;

1) interviews prospective homes

2) obtains Application Form and Placement Agreement

3) explains daily care and responsibilities

b.Accepts Newfoundlands from current owners or shelters.

1) interviews current owner/shelter to obtain history

2) obtains Transfer Agreement signed by owner.

3) arranges boarding, medical care, grooming, etc. negotiating lowest fees - not to exceed current per diem or mileage rate, long distance phone and postage as incurred.

4) takes 'before' photos if possible

c.Places Newfoundland in adoptive home.

1) contacts most suitable home on waiting list

2) delivers Newfoundland to new home

3) collects placement fee - payable to NCA Newfoundland Rescue Fund.

4) advises adoptive home about training, care, etc.

5) contacts adoptive home within six weeks to obtain spay/neuter certificate, if needed.

d.Forwards copies of placement file, including fee, to Chair.