Say Hello to Debra...

From our volunteers - "We helped transport Debra from the kennels to Mary Scholten’s home in Allegan Michigan where she had set up to board many of these dogs rescued. She was very frightened and confused when she first arrived.

Mary took her to the vet to get her checked out. She was able to get much needed weight back on her and worked on getting her used to being walked on a leash.


When the call came out to help with a transport from Michigan to Wisconsin for this girl to go to her foster home, we volunteered to take the Michigan to Indiana transport.

We couldn’t believe the difference in Debra. She had put on good weight and was so happy and eager to begin her adventure. No longer did we see a frightened confused girl.

When the next ride came, she had no problem greeting that helper or jumping into the back of the SUV for her next great adventure."

After several months in foster care, Debra has gone to her new home and reports are excellent. She is with a senior woman who lives with a senior Newf.

Her new owner says she let them explore her yard together and then Debra and her new newfie friend laid down on either side her chair to watch the sunset."
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