Meet Autumn (now named Amber)...

Meet Amber (formerly Autumn) - a sweet 8 yr old girl! Amber was our 1st ever foster and was with us for months after volunteers rescued her and the many other dogs from a facility in Michigan.

Amber was extremely underweight (about 20 pounds), suffered from multiple infections, multiple broken teeth and fearful of everything (except other dogs.. .she loved to be with them even though she did not know how to play with them).


For many, many days, Amber barely lifted her head (other then to eat, drink, or make sure one of us was with her). After months of recovery, Amber was finally healthy enough to be adopted out into an amazing home.

Thank you South Central Newfoundland Rescue and NCA for helping these beautiful dogs, and for letting us be a part of it!- Jamie Cook Giordano


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